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Salman Khan

I'm a computer vision researcher affiliated with MBZUAI and ANU.

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I am an Associate Professor at MBZUAI. Previously, I was a Senior Scientist at Inception Institute of Artificial Intelligence during 2018-2020 and a Research Scientist in the Computer Vision Research Group (CVRG) at Data61, CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization) from 2016-18. I am also an adjunct faculty member at College of Electrical & Computer Science (CECS), Australian National University (ANU) since 2016. I was research visitor at NICTA (National ICT Australia) in 2015 and served as a research affiliate with Australian Center for Robotic Vision (ACRV) during 2016-18.

I have been actively working on learning from limited data (zero and few-shot learning), adversarial robustness of deep neural networks and continual life-long learning systems for computer vision problems. The above-mentioned tasks can help us realize intelligent autonomous systems that can better understand the real-world for improved recognition, detection, segmentation and detailed scene comprehension.

Positions Available!

I am looking for exceptional Research internship candidates at MBZUAI. Research interns must have good grades in their BS/MS programs (top 10% of their class) and should have relevant background in computer vision/machine learning (demonstrated through relevant coursework and past projects). Prior publication record in CVPR/ECCV/ICCV/NeurIPS/ICLR/ICML is a big plus. Please drop me an email with your CV and link to Github profile.


  • Acting as an Area Chair for NeurIPS’22 and ACML’22.
  • Five papers accepted to ECCV 2022! [Jul’22]
  • Six papers accepted to CVPR 2022 (including 3 Orals)! Congratulations to all the students and collaborators. [Mar’22]
  • Our paper on improving adversarial transferability of ViTs accepted in ICLR’22 as a spotlight (rate 5%). Congratulations Muzammal and Kanchana!
  • Glad to share that my Ph.D. student, Dr. Shafin Rahman has been awarded the J.G. Crawford Prize for the best thesis at ANU (Science Category). Congratulations Shafin!
  • Organizing TPAMI Special Issue on “Transformers in Vision” (Deadline: 15 Dec 2021)
  • I will be serving as an Area Chair for CVPR’22.
  • Our paper on Incremental Object Detection accepted in TPAMI. [Oct’21]
  • Two papers accepted to upcoming NeurIPS’21. Congratulations to Sameera, Muzammal and Kanchana! [Oct’21]
  • Four papers accepted to upcoming ICCV’21. Congratulations to Kanchana, Muzammal, Akshita, Sanath and Ankan! [Jul’21]
  • CVPR2021 Outstanding Reviewer! [May’21]
  • Three papers (including one Oral) are accepted to CVPR’21. Congratulations to Waqas, Joseph and Rizve! [Mar’21]
  • Our paper on Conditional Generative Modelling accepted to ICLR’21 [Jan’21]
  • Paper on object counting accepted to IEEE TPAMI [Sep’20]
  • Two papers accepted to ECCV’20. Congratulations to Waqas and Guolei! [Jul’20]
  • A paper on ZSD accepted to IJCV, Springer. [Jul’20]
  • Paper on Spectral-GAN accepted to IROS’20. [Jun’20]
  • A paper accepted in TPAMI on adversarial defense. [Mar’20]
  • Five papers accepted at CVPR’20 (2 orals). Congratulations to Muzammal, Jathushan, Yaxing, Waqas and Haris. [Mar’20]
  • A paper accepted in ACM Computing Surveys. [Mar’20]
  • Our paper won the best student paper award at ICPRAM’20. Congratulations to Sameera. [Feb’20]
  • Paper accepted in IJCV. Congratulations to Sameera! [Dec’19]
  • Our papers on fine-grained recognition and zero-shot detection are accepted in AAAI’20, New York. [Nov’19]
  • Two papers accepted in NeurIPS’19, Vancouver. Congratulations to Jathushan and Muzammal! [Sep’19]
  • A Large-scale Instance Segmentation Dataset for Aerial Images (iSAID) is available for download. [Aug’19]
  • Four papers accepted in upcoming ICCV’19 (including 1 oral). Congratulations to Aamir, Shafin and Sudong! [Jul’19]
  • Selected for the ‘Outstanding Reviewer Award’ at CVPR’19 [May’19]
  • We have claimed 2nd position in CVPR-NTIRE 2019 Image Enhancement Challenge [Apr’19]
  • Two papers (1 oral, 1 poster) accepted in CVPR’19! [Feb’19]
  • Paper on Spectral Dropout accpeted in Neural Networks [Sep’18]
  • Our paper on ZSL accepted in IEEE TIP [Jul’18]
  • One paper accepted each in BMVC and WACV 2018. [Jul’18]
  • Our work on “Zero-shot detection” is now available: Project Page [Apr’18]
  • Our book titled “A Guide to CNNs for Computer Vision” has been published [Feb’18]